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Lead Frame

1. Anti Epoxy Bleed-Out

Usage Name Characteristic
Anti bleed-out of Epoxy resin for IC lead-frame, PWB, LED LB-1
  • Anti bleed-Out
  • No Effect on electrical/bonding properties
  • Easy removal by Acid/Alkaline solutions
  • No Gas evolution
  • Long term life time with replenishment
  • Excellent Anti-EBO to Ag, Cu

2. Degreser

Usage Name Characteristic
Electrolytical ultrasonic degreaser for metal & non-metal Top Cleaner
  • No Spattering with pallet shape
  • No agglomerated
  • Easy storage in PP drum
  • No phosphate degreaser for Metal/Non-metal
  • No foam
  • Long Life time
  • Application to Fe, Cu, Brass, An, Die Casting,Ni, SUS and Electorlytic Immersing, Reel to Reel.
  • Sole bath for many material application

3. Ag Stripper

Usage Name Characteristic
Silver Stripper Agent(None Succinimide Type) AGS 200
  • Ag stipper for Copper and Copper Alloy
  • Stabilized pH
  • No tarnished, No Precipitation
  • High speed stripping at low current, 2 times
    faster than Succinimide
  • 1 wk~1mo of Life time for lead-frame
  • Less Wastage, Less Downtime and faster than Succinimide.
  • Fast running at low temperature
  • Less anodic precipitation than Succinimide type.

4. Anti Ag-Cu Cementation

Usage Name Characteristic
Anti cementation for high speed Ag plating on Cu in IC, LSI, Lead Frame. Predip S-1
  • Anti cementation for Cu, Cu allou Cu strike
  • Excellent uniformity
  • Low cost
  • Better adhension
  • Low Ag Wastage