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CEO Greeting

Welcome to SEWON CHEMICAL CO., LTD site.

SEWON CHEMICAL CO., LTD began our business in 1999 as
a distributor of Surface Treatment Chemicals and Food Additives in Korea.
We, SEWON CHEMICAL CO., LTD, have concentrated our pharmacies that sell clomid online. write my college essay for me efforts to develop own technologiesof competitiveness and successfully developed own chemicals since 2006, when relocated our company
and established the manufacturing factory.
The major product was chemicals related to Telecommunication Products.

As a result from our effort succeeding in domestically producing by
ourselves, we could transact business with SAMSUNG, LG and other
powerful electronic companies as well as foreign companies.
and we have been trying our best to make high end in the state of
art of current issues.

We, SEWON CHEMICAL CO., LTD, will thus consolidate our sociology research paper topics image as an environment friendly business and develop our environment-friendly
technology into a mojor factor of our commrativeness lead the 21st century.

We promise to be with you always

CEO Harry Oh