Products Process Explanation Advantages
ALCHRO-300 Chromate
  • ALCHRO-300 is an eco-friendly, high-performance, concentrated chemical conversion coating agent that provides a trivalent chromate film for aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • The main ingredient is trivalent chromium. Hexavalent chromium is not contained
  • The operation control is easy with a wide control range
  • The trivalent chromium film obtained is excellent in corrosion resistance and painting adhesion, comparable to hexavalent chromate conversion coating
  • It can be used as a pretreatment agent for painting or powder coating
ALCHRO-600 Chromate
  • ALCHRO-600 is a chemical process that produces a protective 6-valent chromate conversion film on aluminum and its alloys which ranges in color from light, iridescent golden to tan
  • Application is by dip, brush, swab or spray
  • The main ingredient is 6-valent chromium
  • It has excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion, so it can be used as a base for paints and high performance top coats, lacquers, or as a base for rubber bonding
  • The coated film has a small electrical resistance value, so it is good for processing parts that require electrical conductivity
  • The coated film is very thin and several colors can be realized
SZ-100 Zincate
  • SZ-100 is a pre-treatment agent for plating on aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • Cyanide-type zincate substitution agent
  • Can directly apply various plating on the material by making an alloy deposit layer on aluminum and aluminum alloy
  • A variety of plating with excellent adhesion can be performed with simple processing
  • Treating all kinds of aluminum and aluminum alloys enables to perform direct plating
  • The deposit layer also improves corrosion resistance of scratched areas and edges on the part
  • Possible to build a uniform and consistent deposit layer even on parts of complex shape
  • Economical because it is a doubling concentration solution
  • ALCOSEAL is containing nickel, for anodizing to prevent discoloration of dyes. It contains nickel
  • Excellent in preventing discoloration of dyes and efflorescence phenomenon
  • There is no smut or powder generated during sealing treatment unlike the existing nickel acetate-based sealing
  • There is no discoloration of the dye during the sealing and the dye does not flow down, so a good color combination is obtained
  • Possible to obtain a surface condition that is smooth and fingerprint-free in a short time
  • It contains nickel, but its elution from the film is little, so there is no concern of allergy
  • MUNISEAL does not contain Ni and prevents discoloration of dyes and sealing smut from occurring when anodizing
  • Eco-friendly because it does not contain nickel
  • Excellent in preventing dye's discoloring and preventing smuts
  • Does not cause yellowing phenomenon caused by aging of the transparent anodized film
  • When used in rinse of low-temperature sealing, it can enhance sealing effect
  • Top Cleaner is alkaline type degreaser
  • It is applied to immersion, ultra sonic, reel-to-reel, spray, and electrolytic application
  • It can be available for wide variety of metals, such as Al, Al alloy, Fe, and Zn die-cast
  • Cleanly removes contaminations such as vegetable, animal, mineral oil, and stains on the material
  • Applicable to ultra sonic as there is little foaming
  • Applicable to automatic lines such as reel-to-reel, due to excellent degreasing power in a short time
  • Low sludge, low foaming, easy effluent treatment and long shelf life
EC-100 Degreaser
  • EC-100 is an alkali type electrolytic degreaser for copper, copper alloy and steel
  • Excellent ability to remove oils, grease, stain and fats on the metal surface
  • Less influence by metal contamination mixed in the degreasing bath
  • Good electrical conductivity, so it can be sued in a wide current range
ECN-150 Etching
  • ECN-150 is an etching agent and cleaner for the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys, before performing the surface treatment of degreasing, chromate coating, chemical polishing, anodizing, etc. It does not contain nitric acid or chromic acid, non-ferrous metals and so on
  • Softly etching the surface of the aluminum
  • Free of nitric acid or chromic acid
  • Possible to improve productivity and workability by shortening the process
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and gloss of the material after treatment
ADS-380 Desmut
  • ADS-380 is a smut remover that removes the smut generated during degreasing or etching of aluminum
  • As it does not contain nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid, it can be substituted for nitric and Hydrofluoric acid type
  • NOxgas harmful to the human body is not generated
  • Remove smut cleanly while minimizing damage to the base material
  • Excellent also in cleaning hole-shape region, so suitable for pre-treatment of precision parts
  • Excellent adhesion during post-treatment processes such as plating, painting and chromate coating
SUPERBRIGT ACB-350 Chemical polishing
  • SUPERBRIGT ACB-250 is chemical polishing agent that can provide a high-gloss beautiful mirror surface on aluminum or aluminum alloy products by simply immersion
  • Minute nicks or defects on the base material surface can be removed. And it can be applied to a variety of products including not only products that are anodized and colored but also other glossy anodized products such as automotive parts, building materials, and durable consumer goods
  • Nitrous acid gas generation has been drastically reduced by reducing the amount of nitric acid used
  • Aluminum alloys can be finished with mirror surface as in buff polishing
  • Hairline- and satin-processed products can also be treated to be glossy
  • Polishing of 70 series and 20 series, which was difficult in the past, is possible
  • Treatment at a lower temperature and in shorter time is possible compared to conventional polishing agents
  • Possible to apply to an automatic process line because there is no stain generated even if the polished part is left unattended after polishing
SATIN-100 Satin bright
  • SATIN-100 is powders type satin bright finishing agent to produce a milky-white color like a satin bright or pearl bright surface on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys only by immersing
  • Possible to produce a satin bright color just by immersion
  • Applicable to various aluminum alloys
  • Possible to remove nicks, scratches, roller marks, etc. on the surface of the base material
  • Solution is safe and easy to work with excellent workability
  • Economical due to low treatment cost
CSD-320 Chemical Sandblasting
  • CSD-320 is chemical sandblasting process to produce the sandblasting effect by chemical processing like a sandblasting by mechanical processing
  • Possible to obtain the same sandblasting surface as mechanical processing
  • Two different surfaces can be obtained by masking
  • Possible to apply sanding to uneven or inner regions that cannot be processed mechanically
  • Easy to control the liquid and possible to operate continuously
  • Possible to remove roller marks or small holes