Products Process Explanation Advantages
AT-S1 Anti-Tarnish for Silver
  • AT-S1 prevents oxidation and discoloration of the silver plating surface, but is also effective as a Sealing agent for various metal plating
  • It can be used in a variety of fields, including electronic products such as connectors and contacts, as well as accessories
  • Does not contain heavy metals such as chromic acid
  • Excellent durability in preventing discoloration
  • Low contact resistance and does not affect electrical conductivity or solderabilty
  • No external defects such as stains or marks on the plating surface caused by rinse
  • Very resistant to heat and moisture
PREDIP S-3 Anti-Immersion Silver Agent
  • PREDIP S-3 is a pre-treatment process specially developed to inhibit silver substitution deposits for silver plating
  • It is especially designed for use on lead frame treated with copper strike
  • It has many effects for wettability and for even-silver deposits
  • It has many effects for pre-treatment in high speed silver plating process
SP-900 Silver Plating
  • SP-900 is a high speed low cyanide silver plating formulation which produces a fine grained deposits over a wide range of current densities
  • SP-900 is designed to produce electronics parts of wire bonding such as lead frame and connector
  • Flexible, glossy plated deposits
  • Excellent wire-bonding and soldering
  • Easy to control with a wide current density
  • Possible to plate a long time compared with other plating process. Because SP-900 process doesn’t contain component which can be decomposed by electrolysis and hydrolysis
  • Possible to apply low speed plating process to produce connector and control solution easily
AGS-200 Silver Stripper
  • AGS-200 is Stripper for Ag on Copper and Copper alloy
  • Very slight variation of pH , and small amount of replenishment
  • No tarnish and no residual on the surface of Ag deposits
  • Double speed stripping time compare with other type stripper at low current density
  • According to L/F type, one week to one month of use is possible