Products Process Explanation Advantages
NP-ST Electrolytic nickel-phosphorus strike plating
  • NP-ST process is an electrolytic nickel-phosphorus strike plating process designed to produce thin nickelphosphorus coating on copper material, it has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance
  • Nickel-phosphorus alloy strike plating process
  • Same phosphorus content as electroless nickel plating process
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance (Hardness 500-600 Hv)
  • Easy to use as it consists of part 1 (make-up additive) and part 2 (replenishment additive)
  • Capable to adjust phosphorus content according to the ration of the replenishment additive
EN-950 Electroless nickel plating
  • EN-950 process is a medium phosphorus concentration ( 6 - 8% by weight ) type, specifically formulated to produce an extremely bright nickel-phosphorus deposit at a consistent high rate of deposition
  • Exceptional Stability
  • Fast plating rates throughout solution life
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Consistent Deposit Brightness
  • Reduced Staining Tendency
EN-970 Electroless nickel-phosphorus plating
  • EN-970 process is a high phosphorus concentration (9 - 135 by wt.) type, specifically formulated to produce and bright, high phosphorus electroless nickel deposit
  • It yields amorphous deposit with superior functional properties in terms of ductility, internal stress, soldering ability and corrosion
  • Excellent liquid stability and prevent plating deposit on SUS equipment
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and acid, making it ideal for electric parts to avoid discoloration
  • Good ductility and compressive stressed deposit
  • Dense deposit and good conductivity
NICHRO-600 Chromate
  • NICHRO-600 is a cathode electrolytic treatment process to improve corrosion resistance by no changing the appearance of nickel-plated or chrome-plated products or other plated products
  • Corrosion resistance can be improved by short-time treatment
  • It is particularly effective in improving corrosion resistance in low-current areas where plating is difficult
  • It can be applied to all methods of rack, barrel and reel to reel
  • The coated film is very thin, there is almost no change in the thickness of the material
  • The coated film has a small electrical resistance value, so it is good for processing parts that require electrical conductivity
AT-M3 Anti-tarnish
  • AT-M3 is a chemical that prevents oxidation and discoloration of the gold-, silver-, or nickel-plated surface, and is optimal for preventing discoloration of accessories, connectors, and contacts, and can also be used as a sealing agent of gold plated surface
  • Non-volatile water-soluble with no heavy metals contained
  • Does not adversely affect electrical conductivity and soldering
  • There are no apparent defects such as stains or marks on the plated surface due to water rinsing
  • Very resistant to heat and moisture
  • Long bath life and low running cost