Products Process Explanation Advantages
AT-C1 Anti-Tarnish
  • AT-C1 is Anti-tarnish for copper and copper alloy
  • Depending on the usage, it forms a thin, transparent film with corrosion resistance on the surface of copper, copper alloy, and new column to prevent discoloration of the material
  • Excellent discoloration preventing effect
  • Does not adversely affect electrical conductivity and soldering
  • There are no apparent defects such as stains or marks on the plated surface due to water rinsing
CE-100 Etching
  • CE-100 is a hydrogen peroxide-sulfuric acid-based soft etching with excellent safety
  • It is a soft etchant that can remove oxide films and achieve excellent roughness
  • Provides fine roughness to the copper surface to improve adhesion in post-processing
  • Effectively remove oxide film on copper surface
  • Etching speed is constant
CSP-400 Cyanide Copper Strike Plating
  • CSP-400 is a single brightener additive process that can be operated over a wide range of concentrations under a variety of operating condition in cyanide copper plating process
  • The CSP-400 does not decompose and is relatively unaffected by presence of organic and metallic contaminants that affect other brightener systems
  • The wide range of additives makes it more stable and easy to use
  • High current density can be managed, so high speed plating is possible
  • It has excellent throwing and covering power
CPL-150 Chemical Polishing Agent
  • CPL-150 is Effective activation of Cu surface before plating
  • Mild polishing and cleaning
  • High leveling and low etching rate
  • Good rinse performance and easy control
  • Possible to etching at room temperature
  • Reduces smutting after processing
BBC-200 Black coloring for Brass
  • BBC-200 is a black coloring agent that builds a black film, which is corrosion resistant and durable, on the surface of brass and copper alloys
  • Excellent in corrosion resistance and durability
  • Easy in dry bathing and maintenance
  • No apparent defects such as stains or marks left on the surface of the film after rinsing
BPC-200 Polishing for Brass
  • BPC-200 is a chemical that is developed for polishing brass and copper alloys. It is a chemical polish for creating beautiful gloss just by dipping
  • Bright and excellent gloss
  • Easy to apply to dry bathing and control
  • Not contains chromic acid